2020 Note Taking and Online Learning: How to Use Glean to Support Students Remotely

12:45 PM – 1:45 PM

Katherine Hamilton, Content and Community Manager, Sonocent & Glean

Ben Wright, Customer Solutions Lead, Sonocent & Glean

Remote learning is a challenge for all: students and disability support alike.

There is a multitude of distractions and interruptions inherent in online learning. A student can be watching a lecture, taking notes, and communicating with their peers all from the same screen. For the support professional, understanding how to identify struggling students and tailor support is more challenging than ever.

We’ll explore the obstacles being faced within our community and discuss solutions to remote note-taking support. We’ll then introduce Sonocent’s new web app, Glean, which has been designed to accommodate remote learning environments.

Katherine and her team at Sonocent work with the Access community to understand and then create helpful content on the challenges being faced across Higher Education. Her vision is to shape Sonocent as more than just a technology company but instead a driver of real social change in diverse learning environments. Katherine has previously spoken at COE, AHEAD, ATIA, and CSUN conferences about note-taking accommodations.
 Katherine Hamilton

Ben and his team at Sonocent, work consultatively with institutions across North America, to provide clear insight into Sonocent’s note taking solutions. Ben has worked with hundreds of Universities and Colleges and is driven by equitable access to learning and learning independence. He has previously attended ATIA, COE, and The Coalition for Disability Access in Health Science Education.