Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals

Whether you are at a commuter college, a private institution with or without a residential facility, or a state institution, if you need to talk about animals; this is the session you don’t want to miss. Melanie Thornton will facilitate this discussion. 

Melanie Thornton

Coordinator of Access and Equity Outreach, University of Arkansas

Melanie ThorntonMelanie Thornton is the Coordinator of Access and Equity Outreach at the University of Arkansas – Partners for Inclusive Communities. She provides professional development and technical assistance on topics related to disability, diversity, digital access, leadership, and design. She is very interested in working with organizations to create more accessible environments and to reframe perspectives of disability as an aspect of diversity. Prior to coming to the U of A,  Melanie was the Associate Director of the Disability Resource Center and the Director of Project PACE at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Melanie earned her master’s degree from Gallaudet University and her bachelor’s degree from Hendrix College.